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Jose Lobo

“I don’t consider myself an expert” says the man who patented a pioneering new cryptographic mechanism with the impact potential on par with SSL.

“My knowledge is mostly in backend technologies and security” he continues. As absurd as it sounds, Jose is not being hypocritically modest. For the uninitiated, consider this: To the most advanced programmers, the two most terrifying fields in their profession are assembly language and cryptography, and most will keep clear of those areas for the entirety of their career. However, considering that generally when dealing with cryptography, one simply implements, albeit at expert level, existing cryptographic schemes that haven’t changed much over the past 40 years – therefore, creating new custom schemes falls way in that terrifying abyss of deep math. Being one of the few that can read, not to say write, cryptographic software, Jose is categorically a world-class expert.

Jose Luis Lobo Vasquez took his first steps at software development in high school, picking up Basic programming and practicing on his computer he played games since primary school. He knew then that was his calling. A bachelor’s degree in System Engineering, Masters in Software Engineering and few gigs at big corporates later – Jose joined Tide as employee #2, following an arduous recruitment process to weed out the uncommitted. At Tide, Jose leads the core technology R&D as its head cryptography engineer, responsible for the research, prototyping and implementation of all crypto primitives and protocols, among other things.

While cryptography sits at the core of his focus, Jose dabbles in a wide range of backend technologies including databases, BI, general security and AI/ML – mostly self-learnt. In Tide, Jose expanded his backend expertise to architecting highly-available, low-latency, scalable cloud infrastructure. These unique skills were applied to architect and build Tide’s decentralized key custody layer – a solution, that among other things, enables web-users the strengths of public-key-cryptography at the simplicity of web-username-password authentication and at an unprecedented level of security.

One of Jose’s most common traits is his tendency to drown in parallel multi-thoughts, considering intricately-dependent factors to complex problems, arriving at brilliant solutions when (if) he surfaces back up.

In his leisure time, Jose plays chess and watches lots of anime. He hopes one day to go back practicing karate or taekwondo.

Jose doesn’t have a favourite movie, but he really likes Forrest Gump: Makes sense to the rest of his team, where the unassuming hero, simply by doing what comes naturally, conquers seemingly insurmountable challenges and is changing the course of history, without even realizing it.

Recent News

15 Mar 2021

Tide win Insurtech NY

Tide named best global Insurtech, at marquee insurance event

18 Dec 2020

Tide Named Tech23 Winner

Tech23 deep tech community celebrates next disruptors.

20 Nov 2020

Tide join OECD Global Forum

Distributed ledger technology and the new era of data privacy and governance.

15 Jun 2020

Tide Awarded ARC Grant

Together with Professor Susilo from UOW and KDDI Research, Japan.

9 Dec 2019

Doug Knopper joins Tide

Visionary CEO appointed to Tide Foundation Advisory Board.

22 Jun 2020

Tide Crowned Best InsurTech

In Hartford Connecticut, the insurance capital of the world, Tide have been named "Best Emerging InsurTech".

6 Apr 2020

UK Government Study Tide

CMA Study Tide in report to parliament on digital economy.

12 Nov 2019

OECD Report Embraces Tide

OECD Report Points to a Tide future

6 Jun 2020

Tide Announced Dual Finalists in InsurTech 2020

Tide Announced Dual Finalists in InsurTech 2020

19 Sep 2019


Open source foundation is introducing a new approach to encryption called splintering

13 Sep 2019

Dark Reading

New Technique Makes Passwords 14M Percent Harder to Crack

14 May 2019


Tide Offers Hackers A Bitcoin Reward To Break Its Consumer Data Encryption


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