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We finally found a company that’s doing something useful with all your Internet of Things data – securely


What do you get when you introduce Kellogg's, Women's AFL and a marketing platform that gives consumers control of their personal data and the opportunity to monetise it? Tide’s core technology was born, refined and cultivated in an established business Ziva, a marketing platform for enterprise brands, whose blockchain and encryption based protocol took the liability of holding personal data and converted it into a high yielding asset.


If you think about it today, every time you’re looking to shop online or to search online engage with a brand, any business knows exactly what it is that you’re doing, and that company sells your data,” Ziva co-founder Issac Elnekave said.

“And the company that sells your data sells it to marketing companies that make money on your data."

“But the only person that’s out of this loop is you.”

That’s where Ziva and the blockchain comes in.

A recent campaign asked fitness fans to share the data from their wearables with Kellogg’s, the cereal company. Throughout the four-week campaign, their activity levels were gamified, and they were given personal challenges from AFLWomen’s mentors.

“This will become an inevitability in this space,” he says.

“Businesses in the future need to provide consumers with a way to safeguard their data and the protocol that we’ve built within Ziva says ‘Well, we’re not relying on regulatory statutes to do this’.

“We’re actually relying on technology which is backed by the blockchain to deliver a trustless solution.”

And the prominent parliamentarian? Former NSW opposition leader Kerry Chikarovksi:

Former NSW opposition leader Kerry Chikarovski. Picture: Supplied

With extensive experience in being bombarded with marketing emails, Chikarovski joined Ziva’s board about two years ago.

“Ziva approached me about what sounded like a new step forward in marketing,” she says. “Not being so technically minded myself, I was drawn to the innovative nature of the technology, as well as the passion of the team.

“As a former politician, I’m also particularly concerned with protecting privacy. The fact that Ziva’s platform provides such solid protection around personal data and places control of it back into the customer’s hands is a pivotal reason as to why I wanted to be involved.”

“In a constantly evolving regulatory environment with sweeping reforms to protect individuals and hold organisations accountable for how they treat personal data, the status quo seems unsustainable. Tide enables businesses to meet regulatory requirements around data privacy and at the same time empowers individuals to determine the value of their personal data and whether to share it.”

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5 Jun 2018

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