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An Alliance Between Marketing and Consumer Data Protection


Tide’s core technology was born, refined and cultivated in an established business Ziva. This article focussed on how handing the only key to unlocking an individual's personal data, to the individual, provided brands with the data needed to tailor products and services, while protecting the privacy of their customer.


We all enter our personal details into a variety of websites and devices, and whilst it’s quite frightening to think our information can be misused, this data is very valuable for companies that aim to deliver the best products and content to us. Nothing better than receiving services tailored to our lifestyle, right?

Michael Loewy, co-founder of Ziva, gave us some of his time to talk about how he and his team are engaging consumers and organisation in the same platform to promote a more valuable and healthy sharing of data.

“We know how much the world of marketing relies on data to create, tailor and target their campaigns, and we knew if we could harness the power of this real-life data, we could provide a platform which enabled brands to connect with consumers in the most relevant and personalised way.

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9 Jul 2018

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