New 'Unhackable' Blockchain Encryption Stops Organizations Abusing Or Losing Customer Data

"Data breaches continue to make headlines around the world." Verizon’s 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report, issued Wednesday, was direct and to the point. "No matter what defensive measures security professionals put in place, attackers are able to circumvent them. No organization is too large or too small to fall victim to a data breach… Regardless of the type or amount of your organization’s data, there is someone out there who is trying to steal it."

Well, maybe and maybe not. Clever threats require clever solutions, and one organization that claims to have designed just such a solution is the Tide Foundation. No data breach hits harder than a large-scale, public compromise of consumer names, contact details and financial records. And this is where the non-profit’s technology aims to step in. First, to prevent companies breaching consumer data by denying them indiscriminate access on any level, and, second, to rebalance the commercial value of the data itself by compensating consumers when their data is monetized – if they actually want it to be monetized.

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14 May 2019

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