This Technique Claims To Make Passwords 14 Million% Tougher To Crack

Tide, an Australia-based non-profit organization has come up with a technique called ‘Splintering’ that claims to make usernames and passwords 14 million percent tougher to crack than the contemporary techniques. The technique involves breaking up encrypted usernames and passwords into tiny pieces and then storing them separately in a decentralized distributed network.

The same technique is deployed by cryptographers who store small pieces of cryptographic keys in separate portions and then assemble them when the need arises.

The technology developed by Tide is officially called Delegated Automated Trustee node. It makes it nearly impossible for bad actors to crack passwords through traditionally deployed techniques like brute-force attacks and reverse engineering.

Odds Reduced To 0.00072%

To test the credibility of the technique, the researchers from Tide conducted a test on 60 million already leaked passwords of LinkedIn. It was found that Splintering reduced the odds of dictionary attack by 0.00072% evaluating to an improvement of approximately 14.1 million%.

To further bolster their claim, Tide has invited hackers to crack even a single username or password preserved by the Splintering technique. The organization is also offering a reward for the same.

So far, 6.5 million attempts have been made and not one hacker has managed to breach the technique.

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