Privacy is more than a human right, it's your asset.

Tide protects the sensitive data you entrust to businesses. Helping them get down to business and handing you control of your data and your share in monetizing it.

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$Billions are made selling our personal data. Your share? Likely $0.

To make it worse, daily data breaches show that even with best intentions and resources, companies are unable to protect our data they hold.

eBay asks 145 million users to change passwords after data breach

Children's Macy's faces class action lawsuit over data breach affecting thousands

Facebook faces maximum fine in British Cambridge Analytica inquiry

It'll cost billions for companies to comply with Europe's new data laws

Verizon partner data breach exposes millions of customer records

In turn, many of us often provide inaccurate, incomplete and unreliable data about ourselves.

Yet businesses rely on this data to craft products and services that, as customers, we expect to be relevant, convenient and of high quality. Everyone loses.

As a result, businesses now also face costly and complex regulation aimed at protecting our rights, which can drain them of valuable resources, making it difficult to do business.

We want relevant products and services. Businesses want to market and provide them. There needs to be a better way of interacting, that protects our privacy, with full transparency and value to everyone.

Enter Tide, a community driven personal data ecosystem, owned by no one, available to everyone - allowing for the safe storage, sharing and trading of personal data. It does so by enabling a business to lock your personal data in a vault and provide you with the only key. This vault can be utilized and traded with your permission and reward.


Those relevant businesses looking to connect with us, can do so with our permission.


Gain the data they need to service us better - and with our permission, the ability to share it.


We seize control of our own data, how it gets used and monetized.

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News & media

19 Dec 2019

Partnership Announcement

New partnership enables keyless algo-trading on crypto-exchanges

9 Dec 2019

Doug Knopper joins Tide

Visionary CEO appointed to Tide Foundation Advisory Board.

12 Nov 2019

OECD Report Names Tide

OECD Report Encourages Member and Legislators to Embrace Tide

19 Sep 2019


Open source foundation is introducing a new approach to encryption called splintering

13 Sep 2019

Dark Reading

New Technique Makes Passwords 14M Percent Harder to Crack

14 May 2019


Tide Offers Hackers A Bitcoin Reward To Break Its Consumer Data Encryption

5 Mar 2019


Tide Foundation gives consumers full control of personal data on blockchain

14 Aug 2019

Cointelegraph cover Tide's Trustless Bot

This Non-Profit Company Wants to ‘Decentralize’ Crypto Keys Themselves

31 Aug 2018

Financial Review

Tide Foundation pitches blockchain solution to digital advertising privacy woes

8 Nov 2019

Daily Exchange

Mike Loewy Discusses Privacy in Blockchain on the Daily Exchange

5 Sep 2019

Splintered passwords stump hackers

Passwords 14m% more secure with decentralized encryption scheme

17 Sep 2018

Gilbert + Tobin Partnership

Gilbert + Tobin Partners with Tide to Build a New Personal Data Economy

About Tide

Tide is a not-for-profit, community-driven foundation charged with the stewardship and mass adoption of the Tide protocol.


The Tide foundation vision extends beyond the Marketing Singularity point, to a reality where an individual's sovereignty over their privacy extends beyond data – to their mindshare. Offering control and remuneration for not only people’s information, but also their attention and intentions. Offering businesses the ability to not just coopete and profit over their audience insights, but to engage directly with that audience intentions, in the most contextual, consensual and timely fashion.


  • Sovereignty: Individuals are the rightful owners of their personal data, and should have ultimate discretion over its use.
  • Consumer value: If an individual provides their personal data and gives permission to be identified, then any monetization opportunities that arise through those business insights or value-adds should be shared proportionately with that person.
  • Business value: Conversely, the data insights generated by businesses through their interactions with their customers is value that is generated by those businesses, who are therefore entitled to benefit from them.
  • Ethical commerce: Commerce occuring in an economy that is driven by permissioned and compliant access to personal data. Organizations operating in this environment have the ability to unlock and leverage the power of their unique data insights.
  • Trust: By means of absolute trustlessness:
    • Transparency: Open source software that is publicly available and easily accessible.
    • Integrity: When we can’t use mathematics to guarantee integrity, we act as though we are programmed to do so.
    • Decentralization: No data is held by, or accessible by, any other parties in the chain. Only the source and target parties have visibility.
    • Immutability: Once a transaction is initiated, everything about it is stamped and recorded in perpetuity.
    • Accountability: Actions of entities and individuals who data share are open to scrutiny and feedback.
  • Independence: Broad stakeholder community management, free from commercial or political interests, in order to provide infrastructure that benefits everyone in the value chain.
  • Stability and scalability: The design of the growth engine and the open sourced nature of the protocol has future proofed the infrastructure. No single failure, entity or process can hinder effectiveness.
  • Mainstream: Accessibility and usability for all stakeholders, agnostic to geography, culture, language and means.


  • Ensure personal data is fully secured and that value is rightfully attributed.
  • Cooperate with industry, government and stakeholders to form strategic partnerships that grow the economy in accordance with the established principles.
  • Educate and promote the Personal Data Economy to the wider community. Encourage new ideas and development on top of the open source protocol.
  • Provide guidance to legislators who have an objective of protecting consumer privacy, alongside commercial considerations.
  • Foster innovation and engage with the development community to continually build upon the foundation technology. This will improve ease of adoption and utility for all stakeholders and ensure future viability.
  • Govern the Personal Data Economy infrastructure (i.e. the Tide protocol).


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