OECD Report

OECD Report Points to a Tide future

OECD Business and Finance Outlook 2019 : Strengthening Trust in Business

OECD report discussing the economic outlook and the role of trust in OECD economies. The report calls on OECD economies and legislators to embrace Tide's technology and framework.

Some excerpts:

"One recent example is the Tide Foundation, which is using blockchain technology to limit access to consumers’ data through encryption, allowing access only to the individual to which the data belong (Shapiro, 2018). This technology would make it possible for businesses intending to target advertisements to a certain category of consumers to use the Tide platform to request data access from users themselves. A choice would then be given to the consumers as to whether to accept to share their data and receive a fair compensation for their use, or to deny approval.”

“Any new regulatory or policy measure should avoid hampering the introduction of trust-enhancing innovations by businesses themselves. As mentioned above, significant innovations are being developed by businesses to foster trust and gain or re-gain consumers’ confidence, for instance by applying new technologies to restore control over personal data (see the Tide Foundation example above) or developing solutions to facilitate data portability.”

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