What if to breach you an attacker had to breach everyone?


Platform developers can lock user’s assets with unique keys

Whether it’s identities, sensitive data, funds, devices or network access rights.

Those keys are generated, secured and operated exclusively by Tide

Authority over sensitive assets is decoupled from the platform to Tide, an external guardian.


Tide has no ability to compromise those keys

Tide generates keys in a fragmented (sharded) state across a fully decentralized network in a zero-knowledge process. The keys are also operated in hermetic secrecy, without ever being combined - made possible by new decentralized, threshold based multi-party cryptography.

Breach the platform & the access keys are nowhere to be found

Even when a platform has been completely compromised in a highest privileged breach, the separation of locked assets and the authority over them ensures they remain inaccessible.


Decentralized authentication = security to the last millimetre

Whether it’s passkeys or passwords, Tide’s world-first decentralized authentication ensures no central authority or repository of credentials that can be compromised – Just like a Bitcoin wallet, it means a user isn't just authenticating, they're bringing their own Authority to authorise a platform holding their data. All with absolutely no change to the user experience. No wallets, keys or mnemonic phrases.

Secure data portability and access automation

A platform holding the locked data, or even third party can request automated access via programmable rules that cannot be circumvented - ensuring privacy and compliance measures are met while granting control and transparency to data owners.


The only technology you can fully trust, because you never have to.


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