Grant Awarded

Tide Awarded Australian Research Council Grant

Excited to announce we've been awarded an Australian Research Council grant.

Alongside University of Wollongong and KDDI Corporation we’ll be tackling the question “When computing power renders much of the world’s encryption redundant, how do we protect anonymity and sensitive data online?”

“We are strategically investing in partnerships between universities, industry and government to drive the commercialization of research.”

Federal Minister Dan Tehan today announced.

Tide team to work alongside Professor Willy Susilo; Dr Dung Duong; Dr Fuchun Guo; Dr Shinsaku Kiyomoto; Dr Kazuhide Fukushima.

Enabling Anonymity and Privacy for Blockchain Technology in a Quantum World. Blockchain is a promising technology in the digital world today. However, existing approaches for enabling blockchain applications, particularly with privacy protection and anonymity, are vulnerable to quantum computer attacks. This project aims to enable novel cryptographic mechanisms together with their cryptographic libraries for protecting blockchain in the quantum world, hence, post-quantum secure blockchain. The expected outcomes of this project include innovative technologies, as well as secure and practical post-quantum protocols for protecting future blockchain applications.

For more on the Australian Research Council - Click here.

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