Tide encryption is ready to end the cyber breach pandemic

Tide encryption is ready to end the cyber breach pandemic

The well-supported startup is now focused on getting Tide out to the market, and as a result of the pandemic and the cybersecurity chaos that ensued, it’s already in demand.

“When — not if — you hack it, you have to invest resources to hack at least 20 computers, at 20 locations around the world, and even then you reach a fraction of the data you are after,” said Hertzog, adding that while Tide has worked to make its technology hacker-proof, it’s also been keen to ensure it passes the “grandpa test.”

“This link between the human world and the computer world is very challenging. We put a lot of effort into human interaction, and we built a way for human beings to engage with the system through the simplest mechanism that exists today, which is username and password,” said Hertzog. “It’s definitely not foolproof, but at least with us, it’s billions of times harder to attack you using a password. Saying that, our technology starts with supporting usernames and passwords, but it can support biometric authentication.”

To date, the Tide Foundation has also secured the backing of some big names in the cybersecurity world. Willy Susilo, a distinguished professor at the School of Computing and Information Technology in Wollongong, Australia, is an adviser to the company, alongside the likes of former Microsoft director Peter Ostick and Tom Dery, former global chairman of M&C Saatchi.


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